Man is the product of his thoughts, as he think as become.

The quotation “A Man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes” explains that a man can be described by the kind of thoughts he choose. Thoughts can be either positive or negative. It can be good or bad, happy or sad. Since he thinks about it, he attracts it into his life. For example, when a child is dreaming what he wants to become when he grows up. Surely he will think first what he really wants to become where it doesn’t just suddenly come there. Of course his actions in the very moment will be appropriate to his thoughts in order to manifest his desires. Our actions must be compatible with our thoughts as how we think and visualize it. If you want to become a basketball player in the future, you must not practice soccer now. If we want to become rich someday, we should not be lazy in the present moment.