Best Tips for Quick Revision & Preparation

  • Recall and summarize at regular intervals                                  After every few minutes while studying, take a break to recapitulate what you have learned. You can write a short summary of the topic you learned in your notes. Recalling helps you measure your memorizing potential whether whatever you learned in past has all been instilled in your brain. Writing down the notes in your own words helps you memorize the stuff more easily.
  • Make a revision time table                                                                       A time table is a must to make you aware of what and how much to be covered by the end of the day or a week. Working according to the timetable helps you to set clear goals for each revision session and allows to check them off as you progress. Such revision plans reduce your anxiety and exam fear and keep you upto the mark in your studies.
  • Avoiding Distractions While Revising                                            Before you begin your revision it is important to set up an environment where you will not get distracted – you can do this by:
  • Not listening to music with lyrics
  • Revising in a quiet area with enough space for your books
  • Not revising in your bedroom because it is full of distractions and is associated with sleep
  • Exercise between revision sessions
  • Sleep and eat plenty to avoid fatigue
  • Keep your phone in another room 
  • Make Notes, Writing, and Posters       Everyone learns differently, and the best way to take notes efficiently is to figure out your learner type. The seven learning styles include:
  • Visual – pictures, images
  • Aural – sound, music
  • Verbal – words
  • Physical – using your body ie. hand gestures
  • Logical – logic, reasoning and systems
  • Social – learning in groups
  • Solitary – working alone

Your learning type will affect the usefulness of a particular method. Here are a few note-taking techniques:

  • Posters
  • Mindmaps
  • Flashcards
  • Post it notes
  • Drawings
  • Turning your notes into songs
  • Turning your notes into plays/ videos