When you’re motivated, you have a desire to change your life. Motivation pushes you towards your goal because of a desire for change. Motivation helps you clarify your goal so you know exactly what you’re working towards.

Why Motivation Is Important for Your Success ?

  • It Increases Your Energy Level                                                       When you’re motivated, your entire body is pumped with adrenaline to help you complete the goals that you have set for yourself, which results in increased energy levels. For example, when you’re excited about a project that you’re working on, you rarely get tired. And when you’re out partying, you can dance the whole night away without any problems, but if you were attending a gym class that you disliked, on the other hand, you’d struggle to get through an hour.
  • Have A Bigger Vision                      

This is my absolute favorite way of getting motivated. It takes less time commitment on a day-to-day basis, but requires your persistence. This type of sustaining motivation is for much bigger goals.It’s better fit for the ambitious type who has a much bigger project or goal to accomplish; one that will take you more than a year to complete. If you want sustaining motivation that grows stronger and more compelling each and every day, create a bigger vision. The way to do that is by visualizing your outcome daily for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  • Use “Pain” as Leverage               

I used to work with the owner of a construction company. He had this habit of telling everyone he knew about his goals and then doing nothing about it. Eventually he got to the point where he was afraid of telling the people in his life about his goals because he felt like a liar.His construction clients were another story. Every time he promised one of his clients he would build a new home he would follow through. His track record for follow through with his clients was 100%.


Because he had a lot of pain associated with a failure to deliver to his clients. His business and reputation were on the line so he always took massive action.Use pain as a motivator. Think of an important goal you would like to accomplish in the next year. Now that you have it in mind, make an agreement with your wife/husband/brother/sister or anyone who knows you well. Put a contract in writing with them that says if you don’t achieve your goal in the next 3 months you will give them $500 in cash. Sign it.For most people, loosing that kind of money is more painful than taking action towards their goals. They will instantly leap into action to avoid loosing that money – and guess what else happens?

You get motivated and do the impossible to achieve your goals.